Developing balance, awareness and confidence skills with Scoot and Ride

My eldest daughter’s first scooter experience was on holiday in Filey on the North Yorkshire coast. Martha had previously been using a balance bike, something we really hoped she would embrace and begin to explore; however, despite our best endeavours she simply wasn’t particularly enamoured with the concept of balance biking.
Upon arriving at our holiday beachside cabin, we greeted our family including Martha’s cousins and immediately the children were playing, adults chatting and within twenty minutes I looked across to the garden to see Martha riding Anna’s Scoot & Ride up and down the path and she was immediately balancing well!  A few squabbles over ‘who’s turn it was’ aside, over the week they had hours and hours of fun. 
With Martha’s 4th birthday around the corner, we bought her a Scoot & Ride Highway Kick 3 in Blueberry (blue being her favourite colour) with a matching helmet to suit.  When she unwrapped her birthday gifts, Martha was simply elated, particularly with the LED lights and matching helmet!  Thankfully it was a sunny morning and we ‘scooted’ around the block more times than I could count.  Her balance and co-ordination seemed to kick in quickly with the ride of the scooter very intuitive when leaning to turn.
What my wife and I love about the Highway Kick 3 was that as well as offering an intuitive and safe ride, the item is lightweight and folds easily.  When folded it is super compact– easy to fit into even the smallest of car boots, meaning we can bring Martha’s favourite outdoor toy on any family meet up, day trip or holiday.  
The Scoot & Ride has developed my daughters, balance, awareness and confidence skills, and I would recommend the Scoot & Ride Highway Kick 3 as the ultimate fun Birthday or Christmas gift.
Scott Blease, Dad of 2 Girls, Bristol.