The Best Toys For One-Year-Olds

Baby Ball Pit

It can be tremendously touching to watch a one-year-old play as a parent or other caregiver. The joy, curiosity, and wonder that radiate from their little faces are contagious, and it's hard not to feel a sense of happiness and fulfilment when you see them engaging with the world around them. Giving children toys that are age-appropriate, interesting, and, above all, enjoyable is one of the finest methods to encourage this feeling of wonder. We will discuss some of the top toys for one-year-olds in this post to help you recognise the pleasure and joy that providing your little one with the best toys can give you.


Let's start by discussing the ball, a timeless item that has been a part of childhood for many years. A ball will provide hours of enjoyment and fascination for a one-year-old. They can chase it around the room and roll it, bounce it, and throw it. You can't help but smile when you see them giggling with excitement because of the way their eyes light up as they watch the ball travel. They can hone their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination by holding a ball in their hands and feeling its weight and texture. Also, using a ball to play with encourages movement, which is important for their general health and wellbeing.


little girl playing with Little Dutch Beach Ball

Little Dutch Beach Ball

A simple beach ball is an ideal toy that you can take absolutely anywhere with you. Pack one in your changing bag, and it will become your take-along toy wherever your adventures take you. Easy to inflate, safe to use both indoors and outdoors, and then small to store when you are not using it.

Shape Sorters

The shape sorter is another great toy for one-year-olds. There are holes on the top of the sorter, and the youngster must figure out how to fit the correct shapes through the holes. These toys come in a range of sizes and shapes. As they correctly match the shapes, they feel a tangible sense of accomplishment, and you can see their confidence swell with each successive effort. Their senses are stimulated by the shapes' vivid colours and varied textures, and their cognitive development is aided by the toy's emphasis on problem-solving.

Little boy playing with Tender Leaf Toys Noah’s Shape Sorter Ark

Tender Leaf Toys Noah’s Shape Sorter Ark

The story of Noah and the flood is very interesting to young children, and our Noah's Ark Shape Sorter combines the fun of the story with the task of putting wooden shapes into the ark as the animals escape the flood.

This beautiful wooden ark comes with ten sets of animals that are all painted in bright colours, as well as Mr. and Mrs. Noah. The bright ark has different holes cut out of it, which makes it hard for kids to put the animal shapes in the right places. The top and sides of the ark can be taken off so that little hands can pick up the chunky wooden animals. The bottom of the boat has wheels so it can be moved around. 

Pull-along toys

A pull-along toy can keep young children entertained for many hours. While the youngster pulls the toy around, it usually has a handle that the child can grab onto. Many of these toys also have moving pieces or other exciting characteristics. It's amazing to see them sway around the room while trying to keep the toy moving. Their gross motor skills benefit greatly from the physical exercise associated with pulling a toy around, and they experience a powerful sense of independence when they are in charge of the toy.


little boy playing with Le Toy Van Bunny Train

Le Toy Van Bunny Train

We absolutely love our Bunny Train! The three-car pull-along wooden train has six interchangeable characters. This delightful sensory toy promotes counting, hand-eye coordination, and manual dexterity and we promise you that it will make your little one smile!

Stacking Toys

The traditional stacking rings must be mentioned in any discussion of toys for infants. For many years, these toys have been a mainstay of childhood, and for good reason. Little hands can easily grab and manage the vividly coloured rings. The physical experience of hearing the rings click into place is very pleasing, and the act of stacking the rings in the proper order aids in the development of their spatial awareness and problem-solving abilities. Plus, it's hilarious to watch them destroy the tower and rebuild it.


Mushie Original Stacking Cups

Mushie Original Stacking Cups

Children will adore stacking, pouring, creating, and playing with these gorgeously crafted stacking cups by Mushie in wonderful, unique muted colours. They can investigate and discover stars, swirls, or rainbow-shaped holes on the bases of some of the cups. It's a lot of fun to stack or play in the water with this timeless toy. This collection of 8 Mushie stacking cups is fantastic for strengthening fine motor skills, colour recognition, and cognitive thinking. They are constructed from 100% non-toxic, BPA, and phthalate-free plastic. 

Sensory Toys

We could not forget to add in sensory toys for one-year-olds. These toys might be anything from squeezable or shakeable objects to soft, cuddly creatures with various textures. These toys are made with the intention of stimulating the child's senses and giving them a variety of tactile and audible experiences. It's fun to watch a one-year-old touch, squeeze, and listen to the different characteristics of a sensory toy. When a child is feeling anxious or disturbed, these toys can help them calm down and improve their sensory processing skills.


Little girl playing with Le Toy Van Sensory shapes

Le Toy Van Sensory Shapes

With its lovely, attractive design and pretty colour scheme, this adorable sensory shapes sorter is sure to become a playtime favourite.

This delightful collection of wooden toys, which is full of old-fashioned charm, is perfect for stimulating and having fun while teaching colour and shape recognition.

Each of the nine pieces includes a sensory experience to explore that will spark young imaginations. Shake the toy to hear a bell jingle, view the world through a kaleidoscope, feel the plush, fluffy fabric, and more. With its lovely, attractive design and pretty colour scheme, this adorable sensory shapes sorter is sure to become a playtime favourite.

To sum up, the finest toys for one-year-olds are those that stimulate their senses, support development, and, most importantly, fill their lives with joy and wonder. The joy and delight on their little faces as they play with these toys serves as a reminder that play in early childhood is so very important. Cherish these moments as they grow up far too fast.